Monthly Archives: April 2019

The Lost Experience

By Cheri Stringer

Almost every week, I take some of my time to explore the English language. I’m fascinated by its effect on our lives, especially words that describe nature and their interminable ability to recharge us, heal us, and ground us in beauty and peace.

In this search I was looking for words to describe and define the

The Unexpected Journey

By Cheri Stringer

When I was growing up, I often wandered outside through the open land around my home. I reveled in the exploration of the simplest things like whittling sticks, brushing the frost from emerging leaves, and making forts out of twigs and brambles. I followed streams of water wherever they would lead, experiencing the sheer joy of discovering

A Reflection on the Notre Dame Cathedral Fire

By Emma Jackson

On Monday, the world watched as the famous Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris burned. The media was flooded with video and imagery of the Cathedral aflame, and people around the world paid respects to the tragic loss of the 850-year-old representation of history and tradition. The loss of the iconic spire, the cathedral’s sacred spaces, and

Maroon Bells

TLC is working on the landscape design of a large property in Berthoud, Colorado. The property sits atop a large hill, on Buehler Acres Drive, overlooking swathes of fields to the North, and the magnificent Front Range to the West. The site has substantial grade changes with the North end of the property being far lower than the south,