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The Power Of Nature To Heal Pt. 1: My Journey

By Cheri Stringer

Why do natural spaces hold such wonder and captivation? Aside from the sheer beauty and peace in the experience, there is something intangible that happens within our mind and body as we move through natural spaces. On every trek into the outdoors, I find myself slowly reminded of the simple things in life: my heartbeat, my

The Golden Ratio: Part 4

As projects leave the conceptual stages of design, and detailing work begins, the golden ratio continues to be useful a useful tool in the construction of specific built elements. The proportions of roof structures, hearths, garden beds, and even swimming pools are often directly influenced by the Fibonacci Sequence, and the Golden Ratio. Often times these patterns are reflected

The Golden Ratio: Part 3

In our work with the Fibonacci Sequence, we’ve found it to be extremely effective in managing small landscapes, such as front and backyards. Often times spaces like this will need to serve many purposes, being adaptable to family life, yet structured and dependable into the future.  At our “Hilltop Courtyard” project, in Boulder, CO, we utilized techniques rooted in

The Golden Ratio: Part 2

On larger sites, empty space can be a blessing and a curse. On one hand, empty space allows for many new opportunities in the landscape, however it can be difficult to utilize large areas effectively, and still achieve cohesiveness, intimacy and budgetary goals. The TLC Team has found that in early stages of design, the fibonacci sequence can be