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Victory Gardens Pt. 2: Stories From Pandemic Gardeners

By Emma Jackson

The truth is that anyone can garden. No matter where you are or the size of the space, a garden can be big, small, thriving, struggling, sprawling, or contained. These victory garden stories from around the United States and beyond demonstrate hope and possibility. Audrey Hepburn famously said, “To plant a garden is to believe in

Composing a Landscape Pt. 2: Red Renaissance

By Katie Kramer

The inspiration to write a piece about Red Renaissance came from being enraptured by the beauty of the outdoor environment and learning the details behind the site. As a way to pay tribute to the project’s title, the music was composed in a similar fashion to the way music was written in the Renaissance era.

Composing a Landscape Pt. 1: The Impact of Music

By Katie Kramer

A powerful element exists that connects every single person on the planet. We acknowledge its existence consciously and unconsciously. The absence of this element is noticeable and can shift our entire experience. This common element is music. Music is a profound part of our everyday experience. From our stereos, to live performances, and every note in