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The Story of Mesa Fire

Mesa Fire is a testament to how intentional design and the ability to execute it elevates lives.

Here we created a timeless, inviting outdoor living space for family and friends to come together. This 2017 Boulder residential project was the first design build we completed with a team – truly a steppingstone in our growth as a company! It

2021 APLD Awards Announced!


TLC Gardens Team is honored to announce that we are recipients of Two Silver 2021 APLD Awards! We are proud to present to you our latest Award-Winning projects:


Song Ranch (Silver Award, Specialty Projects – Featured at 1:44) consists of a private ranch home and a public Tai Chi studio on a sprawling 34,000sqft stretch of

Elevated Outdoor Living: New Modern Steel & Wood Benches

Imagine… Your family just finished dinner at your outdoor dining table. Leftovers are cooling off on the outdoor kitchen counter. The integrated mini fridge is stocked with cold drinks and a bar of chocolate for snacking. After putting the kids to bed, you step outside as the landscape lighting begins to illuminate the outdoor spaces. You slip on your

Furniture & Accents to Elevate Your Outdoor Experience

Today more than ever our backyards, courtyards, front porches, and patios are a regular part of everyday life. Just like inside the home, your outdoor rooms are an opportunity to feature furniture and accents that spark joy and elevate the outdoor living experience. In this blog, we are excited to share how outdoor furniture and accents give a finishing

We’ve Merged!
TLC Gardens & Flatiron Earthworks Join Forces

TLC Gardens is thrilled to announce we have merged with Flatirons Earthworks! Starting this season, our Teams have aligned to bring our mission and values to outdoor living spaces with more impact than ever! Gilbert Rodriguez of Flatiron Earthworks, brother of TLC Garden’s Managing Partner & Construction Super, Jaime Rodriguez, joins the TLC Team with a crew of 4

The Lost Art of Timber Framing: Interview with Master Craftsman Jim Leemon

Creating something that will last forever brings a deep meaning to the work; A tradition of building with ancient techniques, forming structures that will define life experience for decades to come. This kind of eloquent impact can be found in Jim Leemon and his team’s work at Trunnel & Brace Timberframes. Jim has been a Builder for almost

Composing a Landscape Pt. 3: Willow Sanctuary

By Katie Kramer

Willow trees are stunningly captivating. They seem to be moving, even without a breeze. The gentle droopiness of their cascading branches creates a curtain of intimacy beneath them. The calming and harmless nature of willow trees always puts me at ease. One of the important elements of the Willow Sanctuary Design Build was that the willow

Thrillers, Fillers, and Spillers Part 2

By Hattie Ryan 

Welcome back for the last step in creating a stunning planting container! To get a full scope of this process refer to step 1 and 2 which are covered in part 1 of this series. 

The final step is finding the right spillers for your container. These plants fill the space along the lip of the

Thrillers, Fillers, and Spillers Part 1

By Hattie Ryan        

As you walk into a nursery and get hit by a wave of humidity and earthy smells, your eyes see all the colors of the rainbow that go on forever. As a plant lover you may be so ecstatic that your first reaction will be to grab every plant that catches your eye! But

Victory Gardens Pt. 2: Stories From Pandemic Gardeners

By Emma Jackson

The truth is that anyone can garden. No matter where you are or the size of the space, a garden can be big, small, thriving, struggling, sprawling, or contained. These victory garden stories from around the United States and beyond demonstrate hope and possibility. Audrey Hepburn famously said, “To plant a garden is to believe in