On the Boards: Lyons Project

We’re in the final stages of design on this residential project located in Lyons, CO. Our goal was to create a meaningful space that will bring a return on investment which exceeds all expectations. We achieve this through careful integration of elements to establish a connection to the client’s happiness. While this sometimes takes longer than expected to develop, it is always worth the effort put in!

Throughout the development of the landscape, the goal was to create a design in tune with the house’s dynamics, view corridors, flow patterns and aesthetics. The space was intentionally designed to create a connection for the clients to the natural beauty surrounding the home and the community in which the home is situated. The flow patterns and integration for the spaces with the contours of the land were created with the intent of seamless interconnection between the home, land and wildlife surrounding the space.


This connection is not easy to achieve with man-made elements – we have found the only way to truly create this connection is to marry the landscape development with the land existing on the lot, one that follows the contours, one that moves and integrates with key views thus enhancing and aligning with each segment. For example, the upper patio is built into the grade existing on the site with a water feature flowing with the land and extending into the lower terraces – this creates a view both from the upper patio and the lower extent of the land bringing them together into a whole that elevates the experience of being in this space. The design is meant to create a sense of harmony and oneness with the land.

Nestled in the mountain with steep slopes on two sides of the home, the finished landscape will feature a custom-designed moon gate built of steel and wood. This striking feature will be a focal point at the front entryway.

Conversely, at the entrance to the home the design intent was to create a transition and separate the public and private parts of the home. The proposed design will now create a public area entrance to the home with a separate private area providing screening from the neighbor’s house. A grounding of plant material in the native palette and a random pattern seen in the landscape also provides a corridor that follows the contours of the land on that side. Development and construction of a gate also aligns with the east and west orientation of the home, utilizes wood and steel, and creates a clear boundary through which you can travel from the private to public area of the home or vice versa. It creates a true entrance to the home by clearly defining the entrance as separate from the private spaces of the home. This, combined with the trees, boulders and native plant material on the east side of the drive, the dry creek bed, and the framing of the entrance in the area prior to the front door, will create a complete public front to your home with beauty intention and meaning.


A custom water feature will be built and the landscape will have 2 slab stone bridges.