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The Power of Nature to Heal Pt. 2: Immersion

By Cheri Stringer

The healing powers of nature are experienced less and less by our fast-paced, interconnected society. We turn into our phones, into our computers, more often than we ground ourselves in the forest, on the edge of a lake or in the mountains. Why do we remember these short trips into nature as such transformative events in

The Power Of Nature To Heal Pt. 1: My Journey

By Cheri Stringer

Why do natural spaces hold such wonder and captivation? Aside from the sheer beauty and peace in the experience, there is something intangible that happens within our mind and body as we move through natural spaces. On every trek into the outdoors, I find myself slowly reminded of the simple things in life: my heartbeat, my

The Golden Ratio: Part 4

As projects leave the conceptual stages of design, and detailing work begins, the golden ratio continues to be useful a useful tool in the construction of specific built elements. The proportions of roof structures, hearths, garden beds, and even swimming pools are often directly influenced by the Fibonacci Sequence, and the Golden Ratio. Often times these patterns are reflected

Song Ranch

During the practice of Tai Chi, there is a meditative, relaxed, and highly alert state which is referred to as “Song.” Back in December of 2017, the TLC Gardens team began working with Rocky Mountain Tai Chi to design a very special outdoor environment in Hygiene, Colorado, fondly named after this concept.

Song Ranch has been meticulously designed and

Matrix Plant Design

By Cheri Stringer and Will Oberlander

Imagine a beautiful meadow; layers of natural plantings and grasses intermixed with delicate wildflowers, medicinal herbs, and native perennials. This is the new wave of perennial-focused planting, inspired by the works of Piet Oudouf and Roy Diblik, and master plantsmen, Rick Darke and Adam Woodruff. Matrix planting honors the eb and flow of

Powerful Plant Performers Part 2: Perennials

By Cheri Stringer and Katie Kramer

In Part 2 of our Powerful Plant Performers series, we present perennials that thrive in our climate zone. Perennials are plants that endure several growing seasons and they can typically be divided after a few years to produce more flowers. If planted in the appropriate places, these plants frequently require less maintenance than

Powerful Plant Performers Part 1: Annuals

By Cheri Stringer and Katie Kramer

Picking out plants for our gardens can be a tough job; what color scheme or scent palette should we use? Can these plants survive in our zone or micro-climate? Most importantly, are we able to maintain them? In a series of blogs, we will provide several different species of plants that thrive amazingly

The Importance of Gratitude

         By Katie Kramer

          Are we hardwired to focus on the bad occurrences and to ignore the good ones? When we reflect on negative events that have happened in our lives, it can be difficult to see the silver lining. A single negative action can overshadow all the positives. This is

Garden Bloggers Fling 2019

By Emma Jackson and Katie Kramer

This Saturday, June 15th, TLC Garden’s Red Renaissance project was featured in the Garden Bloggers Fling of 2019. The Garden Tour, hosted by Botanical Interests, brought many visitors to the site where they explored the project elements and features that made this project a masterpiece. Red Renaissance, designed and built

Polaris Escape

Last fall, TLC Gardens began working on an exciting residential project in Boulder: Polaris Escape. The aim was to give the clients just that: an escape outside. The shape and position of the outdoor spaces were designed to create a connection to the native areas in the landscape.

The primary goal for the client in Polaris Escape was to