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Sussex One: Design-Conscious Office Space Available in Boulder

Seeking a professional, sophisticated space for your Boulder business? Sussex One, built in 1974 on 30th Street in Boulder, offers a conveniently located space for your office. This design-conscious office has multiple units available immediately with various size configurations, giving you the flexibility to match your business needs. Sussex One is conveniently located near the Market Square Shopping

Backyard Building Materials for Longevity and Aesthetic Appeal Pt. 3: Materials Options

By Jordan Swift

Backyard Building Materials for Longevity and Aesthetic Appeal is a series by Jordan Swift. Read the previous part of the series here: Part 1 – Wood, and Part 2 – Hardscape Materials

There has been a considerable insurgence of man-made materials versus natural materials. We already mentioned composite wood, but it is not uncommon to

Backyard Building Materials for Longetivity and Aesthetic Appeal Pt. 2: Hardscape Materials

By Jordan Swift

Wooden decks are not the only mainstay feature of backyards. Many yards do not have wooden porches at all. Instead, home and business owners opt for a concrete or stone patio. Concrete, natural stone, brick, and other hardscaping materials are common materials used throughout the backyard. 

Hardscaping is utilizing hard materials, like stone, to landscape rather

Backyard Building Materials for Longevity and Aesthetic Appeal Pt. 1: Wood

By Jordan Swift

For many of us, our backyards are our private oasis. They provide a space to escape the stresses of the real world and relax. For some people, their backyard is a place for entertaining and gathering with friends and family. For others, it is an area to unwind and reconnect with nature.

Whatever purpose your backyard

Escape Outside: Giving TLC to Our National Parks

At TLC Gardens, our core values are at the root of everything we do. You won’t find these values on a plaque on the wall in our office, rather, our Team is striving to live out these core values in our everyday lives. As a part of our Team’s commitment to ecological stewardship, we honor each client contract signed

The Power of Nature to Heal Pt. 5: Creating Habitats

By Cheri Stringer

A connection to something lost,

A profound understanding of ourselves,

A gratitude to what we have the opportunity to experience;

These feelings are what I strive to encompass in the creation of outdoor environments.

Our work at TLC Gardens requires aiming for excellence and constantly pushing the boundaries of form and function. We strive to do

The Power of Nature to Heal Pt. 4: Biophilia

By Cheri Stringer

Biophilia: “hypothetical human tendency to interact or be closely associated with other forms of life in nature; a desire to commune with nature” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

German American psychoanalyst Erich Fromm, in his book, The Heart of Man, presented his ideas on opposing forces at work deep within the human psyche. One of these forces

The Power of Nature to Heal Pt. 3: Gratitude

By Cheri Stringer

The healing power of nature is unique to each person. We frequent our work and home environments often, making our short trips into nature much more transformative. Why is the ratio between work and nature out of balance? Often, I wish to protect those spaces of natural beauty and inspiration that we have left. These places

Golden Ratio: Part 3

In our work with the Fibonacci Sequence, we’ve found it to be extremely effective in managing small landscapes, such as front and backyards. Often times spaces like this will need to serve many purposes, being adaptable to family life, yet structured and dependable into the future.  At our “Hilltop Courtyard” project, in Boulder, CO, we utilized techniques rooted in

The Golden Ratio: Part 2

On larger sites, empty space can be a blessing and a curse. On one hand, empty space allows for many new opportunities in the landscape, however it can be difficult to utilize large areas effectively, and still achieve cohesiveness, intimacy and budgetary goals. The TLC Team has found that in early stages of design, the fibonacci sequence can be