Elevated Outdoor Living: New Modern Steel & Wood Benches

Imagine… Your family just finished dinner at your outdoor dining table. Leftovers are cooling off on the outdoor kitchen counter. The integrated mini fridge is stocked with cold drinks and a bar of chocolate for snacking. After putting the kids to bed, you step outside as the landscape lighting begins to illuminate the outdoor spaces. You slip on your suit and transition to the spa. Sitting on the corner bench, you can dangle your feet into the hot tub while you get used to the water, drink in hand.

Our skilled Construction Team brought this experience to life at our Modern Family project when we designed and fabricated a new steel and wood composite bench. The bench wraps around the side of the spa, elevating the experience of the hot tub area for all-season enjoyment.

Meanwhile, a fresh steel bench design is in the works for our downtown Boulder Retro Bungalow project! Inspired by our TLC Steel Pergola design and the benches at Modern Family, these new bolt-together benches will have the seamless, sophisticated look while adding ease to installation!

The homeowners at Retro Bungalow prefer a clean, modern meets retro approach for their outdoor living spaces and have chosen to integrate the hot tub into the deck. The benches will sit 18 inches above the deck creating an effortless dip into the spa.

Stay tuned and sign up for our newsletter to see how the bolt-together benches turn out in the finished outdoor living space!