Furniture & Accents to Elevate Your Outdoor Experience

Today more than ever our backyards, courtyards, front porches, and patios are a regular part of everyday life. Just like inside the home, your outdoor rooms are an opportunity to feature furniture and accents that spark joy and elevate the outdoor living experience. In this blog, we are excited to share how outdoor furniture and accents give a finishing touch to your outdoor spaces with examples from TLC Garden’s design build projects.


Outdoor Dining Tables

Elegant, custom-made outdoor dining table (Custom Family-made) and pendant lighting (West Elm) at Gallagher Farm merges modern spaces with the natural surrounding environment and invites indoor-outdoor living.

Whether you’re dining alfresco, hosting an outdoor gathering, or just hanging out, unique pieces have the power to make a big impact on your outdoor space, adding artistic style and personality. At Gallagher Farm, a modern farmhouse renovation project in Boulder, our clients chose a one-of-a-kind family-made table. This table invites indoor-outdoor living with its rustic, yet modern look and softens the dining area with a natural wood design. Choosing a custom made, family heirloom dining table for the patio space emphasizes the sense of place and family heritage embedded in every aspect of the home.

Intentionally chosen outdoor furniture and accent pieces can elevate any environment, no matter the style. At Retro Bungalow, a historical home in downtown Boulder, the homeowners prefer a modern meets retro approach when it comes to designing their dream outdoor living space and choosing the backyard dining table. The right dining table can contribute to a modern-day touch while preserving the home’s timeless, historical charm.

Modern Dining Table options for the outdoor living space renovations at Retro Bungalow, design build currently underway in Boulder. (LEFT Fermob Oleron Collection, RIGHT Bahia Aluminum from RH Outdoor, and BOTTOM Marino Aluminum Dining Table from RH Outdoor)


Outdoor Seating: Sofas & Chairs

Whether it be a patio or deck, outdoor furniture sets the intention for the space in creating a welcoming outdoor room. At Willow Sanctuary, a quiet residence tucked away in the Boulder suburb of Gunbarrel, the homeowners utilized bright Thos. Baker Mid-Century Teak chairs, ottomans, and an outdoor sofa to complement their remodeled tropical hardwood deck. The wood furniture accentuates the connection to nature, while the pop of blue color pairs with the flowing water from the nearby water feature and the ripples of weeping willow spilling into the outdoor living space. In this way, the outdoor furniture elevates the outdoor experience.

Seating areas intentionally designed at Willow Sanctuary for gathering in the outdoor rooms, connected in flow and function to the interior living room. 

Outdoor furniture emphasizes the look and feeling of the space, and different styles can be applied to accentuate seamless transitions and flow through the indoor and outdoor rooms. At Contra Verde, a modern contemporary new build renovation in Longmont, the landscape design is about breaking the norm while making the indoor-outdoor living spaces seamless. The design build incorporates interplay between different furniture and accents in each area of outdoor activity. Adirondack chairs complete the fire terrace with modern, yet comfortable aesthetic, matching the back trim of the home while contrasting with the porcelain tile patio and stone fire pit design.

Outdoor furniture at Contra Verde compliments the interior and exterior modern design and color palette

Use furniture and accents to add a pop of color! The clients at Retro Bungalow clients chose the Abshire Patio bar stools in orange for their outdoor bar and kitchen area to accent the modern design, adding liveliness and fun to the outdoor living experience.

Outdoor furniture and accents are an opportunity to add a pop of color, vibrancy, and excitement to the outdoor experience while maintaining the modern vibe


Accent Planters

Accent planters are an elegant and practical opportunity to add finishing touches to an outdoor living room, kitchen, entryway, or patio space. Planters are multifunctional accents and can exhibit your favorite plants while creating transitions and adding seasonal interest. TLC Steel Planters are a sophisticated option for durable accent planters and elegant container gardening, designed and fabricated by the TLC Team to match the home’s architecture.

TLC Steel planters at Gallagher Farm create transitions along the driveway and front yard. The planters’ rustic aesthetic makes the stone stand out by mimicking the home’s color palette.

In between Boulder and Longmont in the quiet town of Hygiene, the TLC Team is currently working on building a Tuscan-inspired outdoor living patio space. Named “Tuscan Oasis” for its Italian inspiration and old world meets modern sensibilities, our Team is utilizing accent planters to emphasize the design aesthetic. Some of our favorites for this space include Tuscan style urn planters from Compania and Wayfair.

Tuscan Oasis concept by TLC Gardens featuring fiberstone accent planters


TLC Steel Planters frame the walkway and emphasize the sense of arrival leading to the entryway at Contra Verde

At Contra Verde, the homeowners desired a landscape and accents that align with the modern architectural style and framework of the new build home. Here we created outdoor rooms of functionality and artistry, where all of the spaces are streamlined. The accent planters create a sense of arrival at the home’s entrance with seamless, clean lines, and no bends. In the backyard, the TLC Steel planters create a soft, smooth screens between the flow patterns from the dining and master bedroom spaces.

TLC Steel Planters provide distinction between outdoor areas, creating an intimate dining patio screened from flow patterns leading to the interior master bedroom.


Outdoor Accent Lighting

Integrated pergola lighting and accent lights invite you into the patio space while preserving the nighttime views. Accent lighting emphasizes the journey through the outdoor living space.

Popular in outdoor rooms, lighting extends the vibrancy and joy of your outdoor gathering spaces into the night. Lighting options to consider for modern outdoor rooms include lights tailored to trees, gardens, water features, pathways, artwork, stairs, and pergolas. Think about how you would like to utilize your outdoor spaces after dark. Which areas do you want to elevate with an inviting ambiance, lit up for entertaining, to welcome in family and guests? At Urban Courtyard, a modern home nestled in a residential Boulder neighborhood, Edison lights and accent lights display how landscape lighting highlights the hardscapes and architectural features in the modern outdoor living space. FX Luminaire’s low voltage LED lights are our favorite brand to accentuate and illuminate your outdoor living spaces and can be programmed easily from an app on your phone.

Our Team installed Edison string lights from Nostalgic Bulbs and accent lighting by FX Luminaire to brighten up the patio at Urban Courtyard for evening enjoyment of the outdoor spaces. Photo Credit: Winger Photo Art and Foster Woodruff


There is endless opportunity to complete your outdoor living space with well-designed, stylish pieces and outdoor décor including dining tables, outdoor seating, accent planters, and landscape lighting. For more outdoor furniture and accent ideas, follow along with our design build vision boards on Pinterest

Modern Brands that We Love:

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