Maroon Bells

TLC is working on the landscape design of a large property in Berthoud, Colorado. The property sits atop a large hill, on Buehler Acres Drive, overlooking swathes of fields to the North, and the magnificent Front Range to the West. The site has substantial grade changes with the North end of the property being far lower than the south, presenting challenges with drainage and construction. To accomplish the goals of the residents, TLC has created a layout which maximizes the usability and connection of spaces, while integrating the natural slopes and views that exist on site.

The front yard has been designed to create an elegant approach and entrance. The driveway has been framed with large boulders, directing our attention to a natural stone water feature in the center island of the drive. The form and weight of these features aid in grounding the built environment to the earth, which is especially important in new builds such as this. Ornamental trees and shrubs have been used to frame the front door, clearly indicating the flow pattern to the home with texture and color. A patch of evergreens provide screening and privacy to the South, while to the North a creek bed water feature winds around the side of the home, creating an intriguing journey to the back.

The Backyard is largely a family environment. The back patio is home to a swimming pool, an outdoor kitchen, and fire pit; each of which has been carefully orientated to provide easy connection between the elements and the home, as well as with the surrounding landscapes. A large boulder retaining wall separates this space from a flat, grass field, on the north end of the property. This lower area provides a flexible space for events and gatherings, while also serving as a family sports field. This space “disappears” from view from the upper yard, due to the terraced design, enhancing the connection to the land.

The Southern end of the property features a more intimate and private space, designed around the “Al Fresco” dining experience. A path extends off of the south corner and through a garden six of raised beds, terminating at a barn, and covered dining area. This space allows for farm-to-table-style living in which food that is grown on site can be enjoyed by the whole family, right here, where they grew it; echoing the work of farmers who fields lie just below.

Overall, the property has been designed with an elegant, alpine style, a dynamic flow pattern, and expressive spaces, which reflect and enhance the lives of the clients.