Polaris Escape

Last fall, TLC Gardens began working on an exciting residential project in Boulder: Polaris Escape. The aim was to give the clients just that: an escape outside. The shape and position of the outdoor spaces were designed to create a connection to the native areas in the landscape.

The primary goal for the client in Polaris Escape was to get outside in spaces that were comfortable and captivating to be in. These clients are avid stargazers, and thus, the design-build incorporated spaces of stellar meaning, intent, and value.

Polaris Escape Concept

Some of the awe-inspiring design-build elements included are native seat boulders around an oval stone patio and fire pit, a custom pergola, and the integrated composite deck and lower patio space to create multi-functional outdoor rooms. Polaris Escape’s design-build reinforces our company values of Environmental Stewardship and Reconnecting our Clients to Nature.

Patio, seat boulders, fire element, custom pergola, and native plantings

Our design team integrated spectacular view corridors, used real natural stone, and created a transition from blue grama lawn into native plant areas to take our client’s desires to the next level of beauty and tranquility in the landscape. With stunning views, a native plant palette, local stone, and responsible watershed management, the finished space is an escape to the outdoor world.

Custom Pergola, multi-function spaces

Seat boulders around a fire pit


Stay tuned for photos of the final, constructed design-build!