Powerful Plant Performers Part 1: Annuals

By Cheri Stringer and Katie Kramer

Picking out plants for our gardens can be a tough job; what color scheme or scent palette should we use? Can these plants survive in our zone or micro-climate? Most importantly, are we able to maintain them? In a series of blogs, we will provide several different species of plants that thrive amazingly well in the Colorado Front Range and have been powerful performers for TLC Gardens. Starting with Part 1: Annuals.


Latin Name: Plectranthus scutellarioides

Common Name: Coleus ‘Golden Dreams’

Why This Cultivar Rocks: This filler performs beyond expectations for Coleus varieties. With rapid growth and lasting color (even in intense UV exposure), this cultivar makes your annual pots look like a super star through the intense summer heat!



Latin Name: Ipomoea batatas

Common Name: Sweet Potato Vine ‘Sweet Carolina’

Why This Cultivar Rocks: Sweet Carolina is one of the best varieties to grow for flowing, spilling pots. Its chartreuse color and profuse leaves outperform other varieties, producing show stopping affects. The light green color and size of the leaves produce a more profound contrast to most paired annuals.




Latin Name: Canna indica

Common Name: Canna Lily ‘Phasion’

Why This Cultivar Rocks: Phasion is a stunning variety of Canna Lily that produces contrasting foliage effects with multiple blooms in mid to late summer. It outperforms other varieties here by producing more stem blooms with larger flowers and leaves that do not lose their color in the intense sun.




Canna lilies were utilized in our Contra Verde project, placed in the custom raised steel planters. The flowers intentionally gave a pop of color to the clients’ landscaping, and the planters accented the modern look of the home, as well as providing height and elevation. The plant material used in the project was well-suited to our region for low water and low maintenance.