Profile: She Explores

The Profiles feature of our blog highlights companies we are inspired by. We are excited to feature She Explores, a growing resource for the creative outdoors woman.

She Explores is a non profit website for inquisitive women in the outdoors, on the road, and besides exploring the natural world.

Something happens to us when we step outside.

Whether it’s the act of lacing up our boots, the fresh air in our lungs, or the panorama of landscape – it inspires us to create and tell stories.

Who is she?

She is curious and ready-to-go; invariably planning her next endeavor. You could just as easily find her climbing in the mountains as rediscovering her home town. You might find her with a watercolor paint brush looking out at the lake, or with her adventure rig pulled over on the side of the road, camera poised.


She Explores is a growing resource for the creative outdoors woman.

They’ve featured more than 200 women’s stories, photographs and artwork.

Since our company values express first our desire to reconnect our clients to the natural world we want to share this profile of women entrepreneurs who have transformed their love of the outdoors onto their business.


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