Ball Aerospace

Our Ball Aerospace project was a landscape renovation for the existing site of Ball Aerospace. The main goal of the design was to update two areas with sustainable plantings, outdoor interactive spaces, and proper on site drainage.

The original site areas needing revision were nonfunctional for the site with pour drainage, high maintenance grass areas and nonfunctional outdoor spaces. The first area was a west facing expanse that received afternoon heat load impacting the building energy use, improper drainage and high maintenance lawn. The second area was a courtyard between two buildings with an old, uneven brick area badly damaged by tree roots and small high water grass areas that required high maintenance.

Our design created a functional courtyard areas with multiple outdoor seating areas designed to promote commercial interaction and collaboration outdoors. Large landscape boulders and a low maintenance, low water plant palette of shrubs, evergreens and ornamental grasses was integrated for all season color and bloom. The parking lot was screened from the courtyard with the construction of a raised planter with evergreens, grasses and ground cover. In the western expanse we created a design that incorporated drainage solutions with a palette of trees, evergreens, shrubs and grasses to reduce the heat load on the building, remove the high water turf zones and provide color and interest with minimal maintenance.

The final project which included some limited updates to the front of the building created a sustainable landscape solution for professional collaboration.