Celestial View

Our Celestial View project is a condominium community that was in need of a master landscape renovation. The main focus of the design was to create a multi-phase design to modernize the community’s plantings, increase home values, and integrate a new irrigation system.

The original site consisted of overgrown, limited pallet shrubs that required high maintenance, blocked light from entering the lower units, and resulted in high yearly maintenance costs. The irrigation system was failing, and system leaks and water usage were a main concern.

Our design created larger beds around the buildings, accented with granite boulders and plant palettes of low maintenance, low water trees, shrubs, ornamental grasses, and perennials that created a plant culture providing interest, color, and texture throughout the year. This was integrated with a high efficiency irrigation system designed for long term functionality.

Several design solutions were implemented into the overall plan to address site needs. First, the enlarged beds allowed plant material to be placed strategically to provide screening for the lower units while allowing light into them. The increased beds were integrated with clean bed lines to reduce mowing and increase watering efficiency by eliminating pockets of odd bed curves. Additionally, the grade around the buildings was corrected during installation to remove the negative grade present throughout the site. During the floods of 2013, the buildings where negative grade was corrected had excellent site drainage with no flooding of the lower units!

Next, the installation of a low maintenance plant palette with a high efficiency irrigation system provided a palette of plant material that enhanced the site’s appearance and lowered the maintenance costs of trimming overgrown and improper plant material.

A final design solution was to replace existing wood retaining walls and small nonfunctional plant areas outside each building entrance. We created a boulder wall designed for lasting investment return, which matched the granite boulders that were added to plant beds. This created structure and function where walls were needed. Concrete fill in nonfunctional small plant beds at the building entrances allowed for better flow from the buildings with a courtyard-like feel.

The multi-phase project was planned in stages that would allow yearly renovation to complete a comprehensive community renovation. Five of the six phases have been completed with phase six planned for 2019.