Country Cottage

Our Country Cottage project, completed in 2015, is a residence that makes full use of the natural space surrounding the home. The focus of the project was to integrate a flowing landscape to the existing traditional home on a sloped site. The original site had existing landscaping including trees, grass segments, a deck, and an entry staircase.

The design intent was to frame the entrance, create outdoor rooms, integrate view corridors, and develop flowing landscape around the home. The client’s priorities were to develop a cutting garden, a vegetable garden terrace with a potting shed, a fire terrace, and under-deck seating. The second priority was to integrate the entry staircase with flowing and intriguing plant materials. Finally, the design had to create a solution for a sloped segment leading from the drive to the vegetable garden that limited erosion.

The completed project was featured in an APLD Garden Tour in 2017. To showcase the tightly integrated existing upper deck, doorways, and outdoor rooms, an inviting tea terrace with a fire pit flowed with the under-deck seating area that increased the outdoor entertainment and living space. These outdoor rooms were complimented by a cutting garden just outside of, and wrapping, the terrace and seating space. This allowed the client to naturally drift between these spaces. A vegetable garden space was established to bring the family together by cooking meals made by their own produce. The finished result created expanded outdoor living areas for our client to live her best life.