Flatirons Terrace

Our Flatirons Terrace Project, completed in 2008, was successful in providing all-season color and interest to a deer-intensive area. This project’s focus was to create an integrated landscape plan for the sloped front entrance of the home while creating a deer-resistant plant palette. Native plants welcomed many bird species. The final result produced a welcoming entrance with multiple colors and textures, which is the pride and joy of the owners.

The original site consisted of a ranch home situated on a parcel that sloped from the front entrance to the street. The clients desired a landscape plan that would integrate the slope with the architecture of the home with lasting plant performance.

Design solutions for the site incorporated moss rock stone terraces matching the home’s moss rock fireplace. The stone path to the front door and entrance landing were integrated with the stone terraces to provide a welcoming entrance path in scale with the home’s architecture. Finally, the plant palette was developed to provide interesting textures and colors by utilizing prickly, poky, and fuzzy plant material that deer prefer to avoid.