Meadowview Isles

Our Meadow Isles project was a community focused project to bring outdoor spaces to the community through the transformation of cul-de-sac islands formerly landscaped as rock. This project’s focus was to create spaces sensitive to the community’s needs with lasting beauty and function.

The original site consisted of nine cul-de-sac islands landscaped in large cobblestone. As a central piece of the neighborhood, but with no lasting value or function, the islands were an eyesore to the community.

This project involved creating designs that would develop outdoor spaces for community members to engage in neighborhood block parties, allow children a gathering place, and increase property values of homes around the islands by removing the large rock eyesores from the community.

Features that were incorporated into the islands during design development, in collaboration with designer Mike Woods include rocks that doubled as seating areas, paved Areas where tables and chairs could be set up, walk-through paths for community members to utilize on neighborhood walks, play area where children on a cul-de-sac could engage, and sustainable, low water plantings that would bring lasting beauty and interest.

The final design and construction renovated all nine cul-de-sac islands within the community, resulting in outdoor spaces which enhanced the community spaces and encouraged outdoor gathering of neighbors and children. Ten years after the construction, the renovated sites continue to bring color, texture and sustainable design to the community.