Mesa Fire

Our Mesa Fire project created an outdoor living space in which the family could spend time together or entertain their guests. The original site contained a grassy backyard overgrown with weeds, a decrepit fence, a shed with a flagstone patio, and a wooden deck; the site had no landscape development. The clients were looking for a more functional space and better drainage.

 A unique walkway comprised of circular stone steppers was implemented and led to the backyard. Circles were particularly important to the clients, as they represented a valued family heirloom. A custom gas fire pit was integrated to tie into key views from the home. Native, low maintenance plantings, a vegetable garden, and integrated water management allowed for a defined space that was whimsical and expansive. Playful steppers and repurposed barn wood screens added to the unique qualities of this site, which matched the interior kitchen remodel colors and style. A designated space in the backyard allowed for their child to practice soccer. A new wooden fence was built around the property. Blue fabric shade sails were put up above the deck and seating area. A small piece of turf was installed in the front yard.