Mesa Fire

Mesa Fire is a modern outdoor living space customized for gathering of family and friends.

Boulder, Colorado Design Build 2017

2021 APLD Silver Award-Winner, Details Category

The clients primary need was for a functional outdoor space, including living space for the adults and teenagers alike. The clients needed practical water management solutions and to be able to see their outdoor space from the second story view corridors. The success of the design build depended on every detail being executed perfectly, while tying the space seamlessly to the home.

The original site was heavily sloped with an existing second-story deck leading into a non-functioning outdoor space. There was no retainment on the back side of the property and no access to the backyard on the North side. No drainage existed on site, resulting in water pooling routinely under the deck.

The design intent was to create a lively, welcoming outdoor space of lasting meaning and value for the whole family to experience, entertain, and enjoy.

Integration of the concrete patio with existing site dynamics presented many challenges. Nevertheless, the patio was precisely built with a compound slope, incorporated drainage, and a custom formed fire pit. The fire pit is the central element of Mesa Fire, creating a timeless, inviting outdoor space for family and friends to come together.

A drainage plan assessing water management was implemented in the design for protection of the structures on site and the watershed. A linear drain was incorporated in the gravel section underneath the deck, directing waterflow away from the home to planted areas where the water could be absorbed purposefully into the soil.

The client’s indoor kitchen features bright red cabinets, royal blue countertops, and eclectic textures. The views from the kitchen and second story deck overlook the outdoor space, connecting the home in function and style from the inside out. The barnwood screens aligned with the fence also satisfied the clients’ desired aesthetic: a combination of unique elements representing areas in their home of similar textural contrast.

The distinctive wood utilized on the barnwood screens was sourced from a dismantled barn and repurposed to create the screens. The screens also utilized repurposed galvanized pipe in installation. Recycled concrete road base was used under all hardscape areas.

Plants selected were specifically native varieties, both suited to our region and a small outdoor space. The design took the plant palette challenges and expressed them beautifully through a low to high vignette.

The circular steppers at each entrance accentuated the liveliness of the design. Low voltage lighting was added to maintain the ambience of the space outside of daylight hours and backlight plant material, while honoring the fire element as the focus.

Every detail and custom element of Mesa Fire coalesced for multi-season functionality and enjoyment of the outdoor space.