On the Brink

Our On The Brink project is a modern contemporary design to mirror the home’s internal architecture and style, including the color palette and large stone accent wall in the living room. The original site was situated on a steep hill with grass surrounding the home. There were no plantings other than the preexisting trees surrounding the property. The design goal was to extend the living space outside with connections to flow patterns, sight lines, and outdoor rooms.

A dining terrace with a kitchen station was constructed, which allowed the clients to entertain guests and enjoy cooking while visitors soaked in the hot tub or lounged on the patio pergola area. Stately veneer walls stabilized the slope of the site while providing access to the yard. A special niche was added on the edge of the dining terrace to allow for visualization of the water and the social atmosphere without seeing the hot tub’s side. This also gave access to the hot tub area. Native, low maintenance plants were incorporated around terrace walls and the path leading to the front entrance. The finished site provided an outdoor room flawlessly connecting the inside of the home to the wonder and awe of the outside environment.