Red Renaissance

Our Red Renaissance project won a Silver Award in the 2016 International Landscape Design Awards from the Association for Professional Landscape Designers (APLD) for the category “Residential Projects under $25,000”. This project’s focus was to create a sense of arrival at the front entry, maintain open views and create a design that would provide shelter and food to migrating and local birds.

The property itself rests on the edge of dedicated open space with a clear view of the mountains from inside of the home. For this creative, low budget project, we developed a unique design that brought the whole site together under one theme. Planting beds in the front, framing the driveway and new formal entrance, would incorporate masses of low water plants specifically selected to provide food, shelter, and interest for local and migrating birds. A simple saw cut to the existing drive, enabled us to create a formal entrance to the site while limiting impact to vehicular traffic and parking.

To accent the formal entrance, a custom water feature was designed to serve as a focal point from inside the home and to upscale the entrance. The stone for the custom water feature was hand selected and precision cut at a stone mill, preassembled to check for fit then transported and built on site.

To bring the front and backyard landscapes together into a cohesive whole several design elements were incorporated. First, the design connected the entrance deck and boardwalk to the existing deck on the north side of the home with 45 degree lines mirroring the homes architecture. Additionally, the fence bisecting the front and back yard was removed and a new fence extending around the front with a gate for access was incorporated. The same planting theme developed for the back yard in Phase 1 was integrated into the Phase 2 for a cohesive look. Finally, the existing deck on the north end of the property was improved with a new wrap around step to allow the family to access the grass areas more easily.

A third and final phase was completed in 2016 to incorporate a breezeway between the detached garage and the home. The design for this third phase incorporated drainage into the breezeway and connected the sand-finished stepper path to those of earlier phases. The plan further improved privacy for the owner’s private sun run with the integration of mixed planting beds and strategic placement of trees. In-depth planning for the drainage allowed for all water in the breezeway to exit the site via linear drains into a swale running on the south side of the garage, thus protecting the clients’ foundation in-between the old garage and the new. Additionally, it allowed us to frame the new grass driveway entrance to the detached garage with plantings for multi-season interest. The design and installation of the grass drive was carefully orchestrated with the site slope to ensure lasting beauty and functionality; structural support for the driveway was provided with geogrid segments.