Sussex Trio

Our Sussex Trio project was a commercial office building desiring to upscale the building’s front for the attraction of high profile clientele, to lower maintenance for the building long term and increase the value of the property. The main focus of the design targeted three areas, the main entrance, the north expanse of the building and the Main building sign.

The original site consisted of an office building with small nonfunctional landscape areas, utility boxes that marred the entrance, and outdated and aging trees that decreased the building’s value.

Our design approach integrated natural stone and sustainable planting cultures to increase the value of the commercial property and provide lasting beauty and interest to the building front.

Several design solutions were integrated into the overall plan to address site needs. First, raised stone planters were installed which matched the color and character of the stone bench already present on the site. This provided a solution to small landscape beds which routinely had plant loss due to application of salt in the winter, and which provided little or no screening for the resident offices on the ground floor between the parking areas and the grass. The raised beds elevated the plant material, creating a micro-culture of successful plant biome with color, texture and interest that provided a screen for residents of lower offices. The raised planters solved several landscape problems associated with the site and increased the value of the commercial building tenancy.

Second, artificial turf areas in north-facing shaded areas were incorporated to upscale the building presentation and reduce water and maintenance. An area that before was unable to grow grass due to extensive shade now has low water, low maintenance artificial turf which looks green all year and upscales the front presentation of the building. This landscape design solution created lower maintenance while simultaneously enhancing the front expanse of the building.

Third, the front entrance was originally marred by the presence of a large utility box. Our design created several solutions for the main entrance. Raised planters in intriguing curved patterns were set in the original beds at ground level, the plants incorporated were designed to be show-stoppers and create texture, color and interest throughout the growing season with low maintenance plants suited to the Colorado environment. We then incorporated a plant screen with evergreens and the show-stopping Amelanchair “Autumn Brilliance” to make the utility box become a background object. The effect was a complete transformation of the building’s entrance.

The final phase for an integrated design for the site sign and entrance is planned for 2017.