Tennis Portico

Our Tennis Portico project integrated the client’s tennis court into the expansive backyard by creating integrative patterns and expansive views to the home’s space. The portico-inspired entryway’s grandness was amplified by plant material and a multi-level patio, giving it a pop of color with an architectural fence.

The original site featured a tennis court, a moveable hot tub, and an outdated backyard patio set to invite guests to the backyard. There was no sense of arrival or privacy to the house. The backyard was barren, and the clients had to walk through a featureless lawn to be able to play tennis. The clients desired a connection between all the important features of their home along with more interesting plantings to offer privacy and intimacy in their large backyard.

An entryway inspired by the porticos of ancient Grecian architecture was built, which included seating and a rain chain. The grand patio in the back contained living and entertainment areas, including a double burner fire pit with a custom template, and a veneer wall was installed around it. Stone pathways created flow patterns within the large site and gave a sense of purpose to the flow connecting the tree side yard and back patio. A custom steel gate off the main patio provides privacy, screening, and elevates the main path. The height was sunken to provide a casual seating area. Flowing curved plant beds wrapped around the tennis court and a patio adjacent to the tennis court waited for players to take a break. Native plant materials and landscape lighting were implemented throughout the site to allow for more privacy and interest.

The design intent focused on transforming the site with curving, deep plant beds that would wrap the tennis court with color. A future phase incorporating a three-leg pergola was created. The final site was interwoven with flow patterns and connected the points of interest seamlessly.