Tiga Sanctuary

Our Tiga Sanctuary project won a Silver Award in the 2017 International Landscape Design Awards from the Association for Professional Landscape Designers (APLD).

This project, completed in 2015, integrated a pool and outdoor kitchen into a sloped site while maintaining the natural feel of the land around the home. The main focus of the design was to create a sanctuary for family gatherings while integrating the complex spaces with the home, site, and mountain views.

The original site consisted of a multi-story home on a sloped site with views of the mountains from the main level, plus a large connected deck and lower terrace with views from the lower levels of the home. The landscaping was predominately grass with some minimal beds around the home.

The project required the development of landscape solutions to integrate the home with multiple outdoor areas into a sloped site with privacy concerns, building constraints and structural challenges. The completed space needed to successfully create a sanctuary that allowed the family to enjoy the space in harmony with the land around the home.

The following design elements were incorporated: Landings from the pool terrace and kitchen to the main deck that matched the home’s scale and size, repeating patterns and materials to bring unity to the design, sustainable low water planting themes for each area in the landscape for sustainable plant growth and different functions within the landscape (such as screening, color, texture, etc.). Also incorporated were the placement of pool and spa for best site dynamics in flow patterns, interaction with other outdoor spaces, drainage and views, a complete site water management plan for sustainable water management, water features at critical views, a complete outdoor kitchen and putting green, a pool and spa with cutting edge fully integrated controls, and the lighting plan with customizable lighting zones.

The final site successfully created a sanctuary of outdoor spaces, each designed to allow for the family to interact while in those spaces. Flow patterns and distances between the spaces were carefully developed to allow for the best overall experience. Cultivated landscape was integrated with the native landscape through the design and installation of a native plant border which gradually converts to more cultivated plant material as you approach the house. The final space is a delight to experience with mountain views and multiple outdoor rooms for entertaining.