Urban Courtyard

Our Urban Courtyard project won a Bronze Award in the 2017 International Landscape Design Awards from the Association for Professional Landscape Designers (APLD).

This project sought to create a transition space between the house and garage of a country ranch home. The space was developed to create three distinct areas that connected to the home and created a courtyard like atmosphere for the residents.

The original site consisted of a random red flagstone path between the home and the detached garage. Since the garage was higher than the home’s foundation and was of limited space, it provided a challenging venue for creating an integrated space.

Design solutions for the site were developed that incorporated both functional and aesthetic improvements. Integrated within the structure of the new courtyard, a drainage system shunted water away from the house, a lighting system highlights the walls and path leading from the home to the back yard, and a water feature breaks up the garage face with charm and sound. Visible from the inside of the house, the raised planters, water feature and floating steps created a space that was unimaginable before. The courtyard now brings sound, light and space integration close to the home.

This is one of our most popular projects for small spaces as it shows how design with intention can bring new meaning to small spaces.