Verde Garden

Our Verde Garden project was a contemporary California casual design created for a young family. The clients desired a yard that would contain multiple entertainment areas for their child and for their family altogether.

The dining terrace built into the land created a level space for the family to play and entertain, surrounded by plantings with bloom progression through the season. This elevated deck was built around an existing tree. A seating area behind the deck area allows the family to spend time with their kids by utilizing a portable fire chimney with a modern twist. Paths from the home’s existing elevation deck allowed for a defined grass area. A wooden screen was integrated into the deck to hide the utility box and to create intimacy within the dining terrace. An open, leveled lawn allowed for room for their child to safely play. Native Colorado species of plants and gardens were planted around the existing boulders and open steps from the floating deck. Low maintenance plants adapted to our region were utilized throughout the site and wrapped around the garage; this created a connected space for a fire pit and a climbing wall integrated with the boulders. A matrix garden, a shade garden, and a vegetable garden were installed on the site. 

The original site had a sloped yard and a patio under the existing pine tree that did not allow the family to enjoy the space. An unsightly utility box created a low value feeling and was unsafe for children. The design created spaces of meaning for the young family, including a floating deck, a fire pit terrace, and raised plant beds.