Western Exposure

Western Exposure

Our Western Exposure project won a Bronze Award in the 2016 International Landscape Design Awards from the Association for Professional Landscape Designers (APLD) for the category “Residential Projects over $100,000”. This project’s focus was to create outdoor living spaces that integrated with the modern architecture of the home and blended seamlessly with the native environment around it.

The original site consisted of a ranch home situated on a 3.5 acre parcel that sloped from a front driveway entrance to the back property line. The clients desired a landscape plan that would provide seamless transitions between inside and outside the home to a multitude of outdoor spaces for entertaining and family gatherings. They ultimately desired to bring native and modern environments into a cohesive whole.

This project’s scope, difficulty level, and integrated elements underlying the simplicity of the finished product were made possible by creative, insightful design solutions. During the home remodel, which occurred simultaneously with landscape design development, the original home was leveled to the foundation.

Seamless transitions were created with extension of materials from inside to outside and alignment of outdoor spaces with the home’s view corridors and flow patterns. Repeating patterns and materials were used throughout the site. Sustainable low water plant beds were installed where modern areas bordered native spaces (front entrance, the fire terrace, the western exposure). An existing refurbished pool was integrated into a pool terrace with lounge seating. A complete site water management plan was created for sustainable water management. Additionally, areas for dining, fire, adult conversation, large family gatherings, lacrosse, bocce and other activities were interwoven with flow patterns and sequence.

The final site integrates the homes constraints and opportunities into defined outdoor rooms, allowing the clients flexibility in their outdoor use around the home from small intimate gatherings to large parties.