Willow Sanctuary

Our Willow Sanctuary project is a private residence that needed spaces that would provide a seamless transition to outdoor living. The focus of the project was to connect the interior of the home to the environment through unique corridors while preserving and illuminating the willow tree behind the home. The old site featured an 80-year-old willow tree and two concrete patios surrounding the tree on the north end of the house. There were grass areas and a single plant bed on the perimeter of the backyard. The clients desired a water feature, stonework, decks, areas for entertaining, a private reflection area, privacy around the master bedroom, and a hot tub to create spaces that honored the layout of the home.

Frank Lloyd Wright style hardwood deck areas were constructed, mirroring the internal flow patterns of the home and connecting key view corridors with focal points and landscape elements, creating seamless transitions from within the home to the outdoors. The decks formed graceful landings at the finish height of interior floors and expanded the living space of the home to the outdoors in three key areas. The stonework, steel, integrated lighting, and plant beds framing the spaces were created to wrap the decks in color.

Separation of public and private space in the north deck area was achieved by staggering the view from the entertaining area with a steel mantle and water feature. The honed stone bowl water feature was integrated into the wall and deck, centered on the view from the master bedroom. To give a visual connection to peace from the master bedroom, the hot tub was integrated into multi-level decks that create a sense of flow, extension, and privacy. Two steel wood screens were installed for privacy. Landscape lighting through the site was integrated into deck, stone, and water elements to create drama and ambiance in all areas.

The willow tree was protected during construction with mini piers on a lintel system and cantilevered stone and steel, which limited weight, root disruption, and compaction within the tree dripline. This construction solution enabled the intimate integration of outdoor spaces with the presence and natural feeling provided by the willow tree. High efficiency irrigation was utilized for water conservation, linked to a Hydrawise system.