Willow Sanctuary

Willow Sanctuary is an elegant, contemporary living space from the inside out.

Boulder, Colorado Design Build 2017

2021 NALP Silver Award of Excellence in Design Build

The exterior renovation at Willow Sanctuary created an enduring outdoor living space to match the Frank Lloyd Wright interior style of the home and its contemporary architecture. The new design illuminated the willow tree as a key feature in the outdoor experience. Our Team created a patterned deck layout that separated public and private spaces, mirroring the home’s interior. The deck design, custom stone walls, the backlit steel panel, and custom wood screens were designed intentionally to aesthetically frame and distinguish the functional outdoor living spaces.

To limit the impact on the willow tree, we carefully developed sustainable solutions for installation that would allow landscape elements to coexist with the tree while maintaining proper drainage, structural integrity, and long-term performance.

The design was scaled to the house proportions and pulled off the visual lines of the house in order to maintain the symmetry, flow, and connection to the home’s architecture. The scale of the spaces themselves lend to the easy flow patterns around the furniture and entertaining spaces.

Areas designated as meditative were carefully created to provide contemplative elements and separation from entertaining areas visually and spatially within the landscape. The outdoor sofa and gathering space flows seamlessly from the interior living room. Nearby, the flowing water feature accentuates the connection to nature in a peaceful seating area. Meanwhile, the integration of a spa and lounge area off the south master bedroom mimics the home’s internal layout and provides an intimate outdoor living space with custom screening scaled for added privacy.

The decks and outdoor living spaces are tied to the interior of the home with visual lines, the height of the deck landings, and flow of the landings into the natural landscape. The design’s scale and function ultimately elevates the client’s outdoor experience.