TLC wins International Landscape Design Awards


The Association for Professional Landscape Designer’s (APLD) International Landscape Design Award winners are being announced and TLC Gardens is thrilled to win 2 Silver Awards and 1 Bronze Award for 2016! Awards honor the best in Landscape Design by APLD members. TLC Gardens’s winning designs will be featured in the association’s annul award issue of “The Designer” and the team will be recognized at APLD’s annual design conference Sept. 2016 in Sante Fe, NM. You can see more about APLD’s awards and all 2016 winners at

Silver Award – Rock Canyon

TLC’s Rock Canyon project won a Silver Award for residential projects between $25,000-$100,000. Judges noted “Great water way development and plantings and the addition of the entry terrace. Great before and after of this entry and outdoor living space.”

From early on in the design development, Cheri visualized a large patio area framed by seat walls set into the space inset at the front door. This central space would allow the family a visual connection to the children riding bikes and playing games outside, while the seat walls would define a boundary between the public and private space of the home. The completed front entrance created depth, interest and intrigue while functionally serving as both formal entry and casual entertainment space. The home’s entrance integrated with a dry creek bed design for managing erosion and re-establishing positive water flow in the front waterway running the extent of the home’s front.

See before & after photos and more on this project at

awards announcement (Rock Canyon)



Silver Award – Red Renaissance

TLC’s Red Renaissance project also won a Silver Award for residential projects under $25,000. Judges noted it is “a handsome project with beautiful plantings and a very intriguing water feature for the birds….Lively entry garden transformation.”

The property itself rests on the edge of dedicated open space with a clear view of the mountains from inside of the home. The owner wanted to maintain the open views and create a bird-centric landscape that would provide shelter and food to migrating and local birds. The project was a creative, low budget project with sweeping vistas and custom integrated elements. Planting beds in the front, framing the driveway and new formal entrance, would incorporate masses of low water plants specifically selected to provide food, shelter, and interest for local and migrating birds. A simple saw cut to the existing drive, enabled us to create a formal entrance to the site while limiting impact to vehicular traffic and parking. To accent the formal entrance, a custom water feature was designed to serve as a focal point from inside the home and to upscale the entrance.



Bronze Award – Western Exposure

TLC Gardens’ Western Exposure project won a Bronze Award for the Residential Projects over $100,000. This project’s focus was to create outdoor living spaces that integrated with the modern architecture of the home and blended seamlessly with the native environment around it. Judges noted “Open and view oriented space with structured activities is crisp and visually interesting…. Dramatic redo… great control was used throughout and the desired inside/outside relationship to the architecture was fully achieved…”