Cheri Stringer | Partner Principal & Lead Designer

Cheri has a passion for bringing nature and the outdoors back into people’s lives by creating outdoor spaces of intent, value, and meaning. Her love of nature is translated into a vision for how site constraints and opportunities can be utilized to create integrated spaces that are in harmony with the site's topography and the home's architecture. Her 12+ years of experiential background in the field as a female leader allows her to bring practical real world design and construction knowledge to our clients.

Bill Patterson | Efficiency Director

With over 20 years of experience running his own business, Bill brings to the team an enthusiasm and dedication for building exceptional outdoor living spaces. His leadership, unwavering attitude of resilience, and compassionate approach brings TLC values to the forefront of his work. Bill's professionalism and standards for quality and efficiency at the highest level ensures that our projects deliver and inspire our clients to live their best lives.

Jaime Rodriguez | Project Manager

Jaime is a humble and dedicated Project Manager & Partner at TLC Gardens. He takes pride in his craftsmanship and is detail-oriented. Jaime loves to work alongside others and willingly shares knowledge for team success.

Our Mission: To create outdoor environments of lasting meaning, value, and joy by connecting our clients to nature.


Our Values:

Direct Honest Communication builds trust, clear expectations, consistency, and accountability.

Respect for our team and clients’ personal and professional lives.

Proactive Mindset for advanced planning and logistics, project tracking and project reporting, efficiency, streamlined processes, and integrative design build.

Craftsmanship in all areas, especially irrigation, steel, masonry, carpentry, and horticulture. 

Environmental Stewardship and responsibility; Giving back to nature through the use of recycled, re-purposed, and locally sourced materials, plants suited to our region, and commitment to design and construction of site drainage for protection of our watershed.

Courage to be a team player, hold ourselves and each other accountable, and to be humble.

Innovation with applied knowledge, skilled mastery, creative thinking, and systems that advance our mission, vision, and values.

Adventurous Spirit to be self-motivated, passionate, self-directed, empowered employees.