Jeannine Knight – Longmont

In 2009, TLC Gardens designed and installed a brand new front and side landscape for our home including hardscape and a drainage ditch along the street which was a big problem area for us. The result was a stunning and useful space using native and xeriscape plantings to minimize water usage and manage microclimates around the property.

Cheri involved us through many meetings throughout the design process making sure that her design and choices fit our aesthetic style, budget and lifestyle. She was very conscientious of helping us determine exactly how we wanted to use the space and what look we wanted it to have. She took us to visit other sites to show us firsthand some of the ideas she was thinking of incorporating into our design so we could see the effect of well-established plantings and different combinations.

We were also involved in meetings with contractors who would handle the installation and Cheri helped us choose the right one. Then she was closely involved during the entire installation process, checking in at least once a day to may sure it was running according to her instructions and keeping us up to date on progress.

TLC still checks in with us regularly on the health of the landscape, maintenance issues, and is readily available with any questions we may have or problems we encounter. TLC replaced several trees in 2014 (5 years post-installation) that were not performing to our satisfaction.

I strongly recommend TLC Gardens and Cheri Stringer to anyone who has landscape and or hardscape needs and needs a comprehensive design considering space, lifestyle, and usage as well as drainage, microclimates and construction issues among other things that I am sure I am oblivious to! Cheri covers all the issues and has the breadth of knowledge and connections in the industry to be effective and efficient.”