Karin Thompson – Berthoud

We had a really horrible backyard and front yard prior to working with Cheri, Tom and the TLC Gardens Team. We needed a complete overhaul with new irrigation and a new sprinkler system. We basically needed to redo all of our landscape. Cheri was incredible in designing our yard and provided drawings. Cheri and her team came up with a unique and beautiful wall made up of boulders with quartz and granite. They actually sparkle in the sunshine and are absolutely gorgeous. The end result of these walls are more than we ever dreamed and fabulous.

Around the front and the side of our yard is stunning landscaping with roses and shrubs. Cheri also created a very special place for me on the east side of my home that is a perennial garden. One section even has fruit trees. Cheri also installed an incredible, new age sprinkler system that I can turn off and on by using my cellphone. One day my husband called me when I was traveling in Utah and told me there was a storm at home and that it was raining. He then told me our sprinkler system was on and he didn’t know how to turn it off. As soon as we hung up, I went on my phone and turned it off, simple as that!

Our yard really and truly is amazing. Everyone that comes over compliments us on it! We absolutely love our landscaping and can’t imagine it any other way. Please note that our project is ongoing and almost complete. Once our project is completed I fully intend on updating my review with a higher rating! We have really enjoyed working with Cheri and her team!”

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