The Power of Nature to Heal Pt. 3: Gratitude

By Cheri Stringer

The healing power of nature is unique to each person. We frequent our work and home environments often, making our short trips into nature much more transformative. Why is the ratio between work and nature out of balance? Often, I wish to protect those spaces of natural beauty and inspiration that we have left. These places are rapidly disappearing from our sphere. How do we protect them? We protect what we love, and love can originate from the experience of nature immersion. It is, in essence, a deep gratitude for who we are, as we have evolved from nature.


The natural beauty of our Celestial View project comes from the usage of native plants.


How often do we consider how grateful we are for our day-to-day experiences? What opportunities are afforded to us in today’s experience? If you can imagine yourself on a mountain top or alongside a flowing stream, what would be your experience? The deep sense of gratitude that we experience in nature, I believe, is where nature gets its healing power. 

Practicing gratitude can induce the same sense of wonder within us that we experience while we are in nature. When we combine the two, this sense is magnified. Nature inspires me to have gratitude for my own unique qualities and the things that I feel compelled to share with the world. I inherently feel that my unique talents are absorbing the code of nature and integrating it into my designs with the golden ratio, along with a deeper understanding of plant material: trees, shrubs, ground cover. I can use them to paint the blank canvas that is a landscape.