The Story of Mesa Fire

Mesa Fire is a testament to how intentional design and the ability to execute it elevates lives.

Here we created a timeless, inviting outdoor living space for family and friends to come together. This 2017 Boulder residential project was the first design build we completed with a team – truly a steppingstone in our growth as a company! It was also TLC’s first time using barnwood screens and fueled our passion for using repurposed materials in the landscape.

As if this space wasn’t already fun enough, we learned that you can see the circular pattern created by the stepping stones from satellite view!

Satellite view of the Mesa Fire circular paver pattern and bright colored accents

The clients primary need was for a functional outdoor space, including living space for the adults and teenagers alike. The clients needed practical water management solutions and to be able to see their outdoor space from the second story view corridors. The success of the design build depended on every detail being executed perfectly, while tying the space seamlessly to the home.

Integration of the concrete patio with existing site dynamics presented many challenges. Nevertheless, the patio was precisely built with a compound slope, incorporated drainage, and a custom formed fire pit. 

The fire pit is the central element at Mesa Fire. Our team built a smooth, custom sand finish concrete design. The level of attention to detail, creativity, and quality at Mesa Fire elevates the outdoor experience.

The custom formed fire pit is a timeless centerpiece, scaled to fit the space’s dynamics for an inviting outdoor experience.

The client’s indoor kitchen features bright red cabinets, royal blue countertops, and eclectic textures. The views from the kitchen and second story deck overlook the outdoor space, connecting the home in function and style from the inside out. The barnwood screens aligned with the fence also satisfied the clients’ desired aesthetic: a combination of unique elements representing areas in their home of similar textural contrast.

Four years post-renovation, the space at Mesa Fire is looking great! The homeowners have been able to utilize the outdoor space as a safe haven to continue teaching classes throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Friends and neighbors often comment, “Wow! You have such a unique space out here!”

Mesa Fire is a functional, fun outdoor living space with everything the clients needed for their outdoor experience.

They later added a writer’s studio to the site where their daughter, Sarah Zerwin, wrote her first book in the writers studio, tucked away in the functional, creative backyard living space.

The exterior renovation at Mesa Fire created connected outdoor living spaces for the entire family to enjoy. The homeowners added a cozy writer’s studio where the book “Pointless” by Sarah Zerwin was born.

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