We’ve Merged!
TLC Gardens & Flatiron Earthworks Join Forces

TLC Gardens is thrilled to announce we have merged with Flatirons Earthworks! Starting this season, our Teams have aligned to bring our mission and values to outdoor living spaces with more impact than ever! Gilbert Rodriguez of Flatiron Earthworks, brother of TLC Garden’s Managing Partner & Construction Super, Jaime Rodriguez, joins the TLC Team with a crew of 4 master craftsmen: Victor, Luis, Cuco, & Jorge. The TLC Team is moving ahead swiftly and gaining momentum, united by our WHY: to create spaces of lasting meaning and value while elevating lives.

Meet Gilbert Rodriguez, the new Managing Partner & Chief Sales Officer at TLC Gardens:

This partnership to me means possibility. It means growth, impact, and opportunity. It’s exciting to team up with people who have great talent, to be able to really enjoy what we do, and to provide those opportunities for our team.

We have an added artistic vision that we’re bringing to this team, but we don’t just see it as work. It’s an art. We take pride in our artform. Of course, we need the right materials and tools for the job, but it’s crucial to have the right mindset. The environment we have created through this merge is just as important as our skillsets. The culture, a positive work environment, is at the core of everything we do. We want to bring out the best in everyone; If we can enjoy what we do, it’s easier to learn, to perform, to correct and reflect, and to learn from our experiences as a Team.

My brothers, Jaime, Victor, and I, started working for my Dad when we were in school as a summer job. He worked for one of the biggest companies in the industry at the time, and so we got to learn landscape construction and craftsmanship from him starting at a young age. Helping our Dad with projects grew into a fruitful business. Around 2007, my Dad passed the reigns to me, and that is when Flatirons Earthworks was born under my leadership.

Our Team was doing general landscaping work, but I always knew there was more. I wanted to do something different, but continually felt limited. We wanted to elevate our art. Coming together with Jaime, Cheri, and Bill has been an opportunity for us to dream again and to challenge what’s possible, together. As a Team, we are opening the door to our potential and (literally) becoming a work family in the process.

TLC Gardens Managing Partners: (Left to Right) Jaime Rodriguez, Cheri Stringer, Gilbert Rodriguez, and Bill Patterson

“This merge is about synergy and contribution. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” explains Cheri Stringer, Founder and Principal at TLC Gardens. “It’s all about freedom – the freedom to create, the freedom to challenge assumptions, the freedom to create without limitation, the freedom to lift up others and learn together. When you’re leading from your heart and your values, people that share that style of leadership recognize it in you. That’s how I connected with Gilbert; As a Team, we can create more and give more, authentically.”


As with all important decisions, we will work closely with our clients, partners of excellence, and our team members to help make the unification process as smooth as possible. The fusion of both companies will take place over the next several weeks. Of course, in the meantime our customers will continue to receive the same high-quality service which they have come to expect. We are thrilled by what we will be able to achieve, create, and bring to your outdoor living spaces!

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